We offer experiences

We are passionate about the world of travel.
We are passionate about the world.

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In #AGOODPLAN we are committed to sustainable tourism

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#AGOODPLAN is to enjoy travel experiences that contribute to achieving the SDGs

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#AGOODPLAN is a project that is radically committed to sustainability

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#AGOODPLAN we are a community made up of collaborating companies, travelers and travelers and local communities, who work around an idea: how tourism can contribute to achieving the 2030 agenda and the sustainability of the planet.


Be careful!

If you keep reading, you will want to make a responsible trip, live a sustainable experience or take care of the planet while enjoying your next destination.

You’re warned!

Our team

Improving the planet was always an obsession in our conversations.
Travel, a priority in our lives. One day we wondered how we could bring these two ideas closer.


Viriato Galdón

Technical Development

More than 30 years dedicated to making a world more life-friendly from technology.


Ana Kontos


Since we’re just passing through, let’s leave sustainable footprints.


Esteban Petrone


Passionate about art, seeking continuous improvement from a sustainable design.

Our commitment

We work to effectively promote the mainstreaming of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs in tourism, focusing on three aspects:


Human rights and self-management of local communities must be at the centre of any tourism development.


Economic and social benefits must be distributed equally to increase prosperity and quality of life at the local level.


Tourism should be a positive and significant experience for both travelers and hosts.