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When you travel, if you want to take a souvenir, buy directly from the producer,
so you will get a memory of your journey connected to culture and sustainable.

In #AGOODPLAN SOStenible we take into account the materials with which the products are made and their environmental impact.

We have our own line of products, among which we manufacture custom corporate gifts and promotional products, made with recycled and ecological materials; we work from the ecodesign and the circular economy criteria.

We have a team specialized in ecodesign, a own production workshop located in the Sierra de Madrid and many other collaborators anywhere in the world.

The products that you can buy in #AGOODPLAN SOStenible are produced by hand or in a semi-industrialized way.

You can also purchase products with environmental certification or products that, although they do not have a certificate, meet the sustainability criteria.

In the sheet of each product you will find the most outstanding characteristics in relation to the environment and its origin.

If you want something special, made just for you, that is sustainable and unique, contact us.

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